Red is the New Black

Red is the new black.  Or maybe red is the new neutral.  Whatever your take is on this critical global development, red is the new it color.  You heard it here first, folks.  Well, not really.  Fashion industry experts have been calling it since the spring.  I mean everyone at the 2017 Met Gala was wearing red.

I am going to pepper some politics into this fashion post.  Bear with me.  Red was associated with A Day Without A Woman movement.  Remember that, circa March 2017.  The movement called on women to wear red and protest against gender inequality for a day.  Social media and Instagram feeds were dripping in red.  Activists sporting red ensembles were marching on the streets of metropolitan U.S. cities.. actually, it was a global movement.  According to the group, the shade represents “revolutionary love and sacrifice.”   And, perhaps not-so-coincidentally, it’s fashion’s most popular fall color, too.  So, go ahead ladies, be revolutionary this autumn/winter and wear red.

I used to not be a fan of red.  Like.  At.  All.  I told my dear sister not to buy red outfits for my kids (yikes, that sounds a lot worse written…).  I am gladly eating up my own words.  I have been gravitating towards the color, as you may have noticed from my Insta (if you’re not following me on the gram, run don’t walk please).  Like.  A.  Lot.  So when I came across this deep red slip dress, I jumped on it.  Slip dresses should be in your category of transitional staple wardrobe items.  You can wear them in the summer with sneakers for a casual daytime look; swap the sneakers with some heels, and voila you have a night-out-on-the town outfit.  Pair it with an oversized cardigan in the fall and/or with thigh high boots in the winter.  Catch my drift?  The other compelling reason I bought this dress is that it was on sale, super duper sale.  (Did I really just say super duper… blame my toddlers.)

Let’s switch gears and talk about these now-sold-out Zara sandals. I first saw them on a blog before they even went on sale.   Like most avid Zara shoppers, I monitored Zara’s website for them, like an eager beaver awaiting their release.  As most Zara tales go, everyone and their mother, grandmother, aunt, and second cousin started strutting their stuff in these pearly flats.   Alas, I didn’t buy them… until l did later in summer.  And, I am glad I did.  They’re versatile AF.  I wear them with my mom jeans and a tee, or a silky slip dress like here.  It instantly spruces up any outfit.  The takeaway lesson: it’s ok to swim with the current sometimes, as long as you look cute doing it.

Now where my beauty lovers at?  My makeup routine here took 10 minutes.  TEN MINUTES.  Did I say 10 minutes? Letting you in on a secret.  I have the world’s longest natural lashes, can you tell.  Sike.  These, my friends, are lash extensions.  All moms, bend the knee to them (you like that GoT reference).   Lash extensions significantly cut down my getting-ready time.  My husband’s dream come true.   I know every lady– mom or not– can relate!

Before Essa was born, I got lash extensions religiously for two years.  I remember I was 5 months pregnant with my twin girls, and we got hit with a snowstorm on the day of my hard-to-come-by appointment for a refill.  I still got in my car and drove 30 mins to that stinkin’ appointment.  Not even the storm could stop me.  My husband called me crazy.   But, you don’t come between a woman and her lash extensions.  Relax.. the roads were fine at that time.  I promise I wouldn’t put myself and unborn LO in danger.  After E was born though I went on a one-year hiatus.  I am back at it now and likely will be for some time.  Oh before I forget.. you will find below links to pieces of my ensemble, plus a couple other items inspired by my outfit.  Don’t forget to share in the comments your favorite fall transitional pieces.



  • Reply Alaasmah October 2, 2017 at 12:03 am

    I love, love, love this! GoT reference was a particular fave! The lash extension are Devine as are you!

    Ally xxxxxxxxx

    • Reply Yelda October 2, 2017 at 2:41 pm

      You’re my kind of girl if you appreciate the GoT reference ha ha. But, really, is it 2018/2019 yet? I’m already eager for the next season! Thanks gorgeous. Xo

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