Power Suits

If you love a woman in a suit, throw your hands up.  Because we are about to discuss one of this season’s most popular trends: suits.  Except that it’s not a trend.  Suits are timeless.  You can never go wrong with a suit whether it is circa 1960’s or present-day 2017.

Boss lady status is no longer a title reserved for the corporate exec types. Women from all walks of life are breaking all kinds of fancy glass ceilings and doing so in style and in suits.  New York and Paris Fashion Week runways were suited up in all shapes, sizes and colors.  Designers took your classic trusted suit and put a circa 2017 spin on it, with padded shoulders, oversizing, bright and muted colors, bold prints and stripes, and so on.  This not-so-trend trend excites me because I heart suits.  When I first entered the workforce, fresh out of college, I felt I had to amp up my credibility with sophisticated suits.  I thought if I strutted into these meetings in a suit, I’d be taken more seriously.  So I slowly built up a collection of suits (which, no longer fits three babies later, unless I leave my pants unbuttoned. We all have done that, right…)

And, yes the term power suits is a thing, folks.  (Caution: I’m about to get cliché.) But the power is not in the suit.  It is in you.  You’re the boss lady, not the suit.  You can be a boss lady mom, corporate exec, public official, fashion blogger — whatever your role, you own and rock that power suit.  And, if you would rather opt for jeans and a tee all day erryday, I ain’t mad at ya. There is power in jeans, too.

Now back to this suit business. You might not want to wear a full-on suit (like the one I am wearing here).  I certainly don’t sometimes.  That’s why blazers were created.  Sorta.  I love a blazer, T, jeans combo.  I also love rocking a blazer with my slacks and blouse in the office, to look more profesh.   So, after Labor Day, I got the fall shopping itch.  You know what I am talking about.  Temps will drop, New York fashion week happens, you start thinking about all the fashion possibilities.  And, then this thing called shopping happens.  It’s quite magical.  My Mr is convinced I make this stuff up.  But, please tell him that all, or at least most, women get that burning itch to shop as they transition their wardrobe into the next season.  What’s a good analogy?  Football Sundays taking over family Sundays, perhaps? But, I digress…  So, this girl right here did go on a shopping spree for fun suits but I also developed the buy-a-blazer-a-day disease and bought one.. or two.. maybe three blazers including this red blazer. 

I am still not done with my fall shopping, but are we ever done.  That’s a rhetorical question.  And I thought I could share with you some pieces that I have beeen coveting, lately.  Hopefully the Mr. doesn’t read this because he thinks I shop too much.  I guess it doesn’t help my case that the neighborhood’s delivery people know my name… I have a feeling some of you can relate.

Anyhow– be bold, be daring, darlings.  Buy that pink suit.  The world is literally your runway.

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