Pearls Are Back

Pearls are back, and not just for ladies who lunch.  All year long we have seen jeans, blouses, sandals, hats — you name it — encrusted with pearls.  Not complaining about this trend at all because pearls do have a way of instantly turning a basic item to wow.  What’s even better about this trend is pearls are timeless.  They’ll always be in, and Chanel has made sure of that.  Now this jumpsuit, pearl embellished and all, is the mother of all jumpsuits.  And, since it made its premiere on my Instagram, I have been getting one inquiry after another about it.  Rachel Zoe, you should totally sponsor me. Wink wink.

I fell in love with it as much as you did when I saw it last year.  Yep, I bought this baby in November 2016, but wore it for the first time last week.  Here’s the story: I was 4 months pregnant with my little guy and nauseous… still juggling a full-time career, parenting my twin girls, managing my home as well my occasional emotional outbursts.  I felt like a whale, and was quickly realizing that I would soon turn into a whale that looked like it ate another whale.  Eventually, I did.  Still, I bought the jumpsuit in a size that I wasn’t sure I would ever fit again.  I hope you’re not looking for logic here because you will not find it.  When you are pregnant with your third baby, suffering from god-awful morning sickness, feeling and looking like a whale, an irritable one, too (to the point where I lovingly hated the sound of my husband chewing his food) — you help yourself feel better by shopping for things you likely won’t fit anytime soon.  Makes loads of sense, right.

Fast-forward to the present.  We were invited to a friend’s wedding and I had nothing to wear.  I pulled out this jumpsuit, crossing my fingers and toes that it would fit.  Guys, it did. 16 months later. Snug fit.  But, nonetheless, it fit (with the help of my bff, Spanx).  The pearly neckline was too plunging for my comfort and taste.  I did not have time to sew in black sheer fabric to give me my preferred coverage so… I wore the jumpsuit backwards.  Yep, backwards.  As in the tag was on my chest.  [Insert wide eye emoji.]  My husband didn’t notice.  He is perhaps not the best fashion litmus test, so I asked friends if they noticed.  Most did not.  I think it was a success… what do you think?  Morale of this story: sometimes wear your clothes backwards.  It’s totally a thing, lately.  I would not steer you wrong.  You might end up making a fashion statement… (word of advice, though; do a double take in front of a mirror or face-time your bff just to make sure it doesn’t look silly.)

Now the quick low-down on my face — which I want to start by saying I’m not a professional makeup artist.  I am a beauty enthusiast, and if you are interested in my face baking process, I love to share.  Here it goes. When it comes to makeup, I rarely venture out of the colors in my comfort zone, which if you haven’t noticed, includes many shades of browns and nudes and varying tints of nude/pink lips.   (Although this season, I plan on venturing into more color… we shall see.)  For this outfit, I stayed in my comfort zone.

Face: I used Smashbox Photo Finish primer after completing my skincare regimen (separate post on that coming soon!).  Followed that up with Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation, which is my absolute favorite foundation.  I usually don’t wear foundation except for special events.  But, when I do this is my go-to.  As the name suggests, it is silky and light, yet provides excellent coverage.  Pro tip I learned from the experts: use a damp beauty blender to apply foundation, which helps it go on smoother.

You may have noted some subtle contouring action with the help of Nars bronzer in the shade Casino, applied with my Nars Kabuki brush.  I added a subtle pink hue to my upper cheeks with Nars in shade Orgasm.  Ladies, you know we all love a good highlight.   To achieve that, I used Anastasia Beverly Hills forever-popular (unfortunately sold-out) “So Hollywood” illuminator.

Eyes: I used browns and nudes from the Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance eye shadow palette.  Specifically, I used raw sienna all over my lid, antique bronze in the corners, and cyprus umber to darken the crease.  I used my favorite Stila black eyeliner pen, which helps you get a precise winged look.

Lips: I used Tom Ford lipstick in Spanish pink, Bare Minerals boss on top, lined with Mac liner in soar.

These are not all the details of my face making-and-baking process so if you have any questions, please ask below.  And, if you want me to offer more beauty details, let me know in the comments and I’ll plan accordingly going forward.  Thanks for reading!

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