Blaze-r It

There isn’t a science to wearing a blazer.  But, there is some math to it.  Today, I am sharing my favorite ways to wear a blazer.  1 blazer + 6/+ ways = endless possibilities.

White tee.  My ultimate favorite is to throw on a blazer over a basic white tee, paired with boyfriend jeans.  If I am with my kids, I will opt for white sneakers.  If I am not, I may still choose sneakers (can you blame me?!) or go with a small heel.  The days of high heels, unless it’s a night out, are over for moi.

She-E-O status.  Office outfits don’t have to be boring!    A blazer instantly spruces up any old office ensemble.  Full disclosure, blazers in the office are only my preference on a seasonal basis.  Usually during the fall and winter.  Otherwise, I will melt in the DC humid heat.  Trust.  For example, today it finally feels fall-esque — so I paired my tan culottes and brown blouse with an over-sized checkered Zara blazer.  Topped off the outfit with my metallic gold Topshop mules.

Color.  A colored blazer makes a boring outfit look fashion-forward.  It’s eye-catching.  Looking at the #ootd in today’s post, imagine the jeans + my white top sans the tweed red blazer.  Not a bad #ootd.  Kinda basic… until you throw on the red blazer, which instantly takes the outfit from drab to fab.  Well, in my opinion.  Do you agree?

P.S. it was hot and humid on the day of the shoot.  My makeup was melting.  My blowout turned into a semi-frizzy lion’s mane. Even though it may not look like it, I swear I brushed my hair before leaving the house.  The humidity, however, forced me to pull it back in this not-so-great ponytail.  (Well, that was unnecessary and extra explanation about my hair’s state of bad here.). Anyhow…

Pattern.  Same thinking as I mentioned above re: color goes for patterned blazers.  Pattern takes a basic outfit to another level.  Not much else to say.  Pattern is good.  Pattern and color might be even better.

Monochrome.  OK, while two seconds ago I suggested throwing on a blazer for a pop of color or mixing in pattern.  Now, I’m telling you not to seek a pop of color.  Monochrom-ing (I totally just made that a verb) is obviously a thing right now.  So why not pair the same color blazer with the same color pants with the same color blouse.  Heck, you could even wear the same color shoes, and be even bolder with the same color sunnies.  Fashion is about taking risks, right?  Aaand, just like that, I talked myself into a post about monochromes…

  Blazer // Jeans // Sunglasses (similar linked below)

Layers.  I love fall fashion because of the layering options.  When you can throw on a blazer, and not stop there but proceed to throw on a scarf, maybe a hat, perhaps some gloves, and booties or over-the-knee boots — you know f/w has arrived.  Layer, layer, layer.  And if you’re in my area, that layering provides necessary warmth in cold winter months.

When I first started writing this post, I thought about 3 ways to wear a blazer.  That quickly multiplied ha ha.  Clearly, blazers are versatile and a wardrobe must-have.  What is your favorite way to wear a blazer?  Better yet, what is your fav blazer, lately?  I want to know.  Comment below!

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