Super Wide Leg Trousers

Statement Trousers

Holiday dresses are all the buzz, lately.  But, how about we pause for a moment and admire these statement pants.  Better yet, why not kick the holiday dress to the curb for a pair of super wide leg pants.  I suspect it’ll be a crowd pleaser.  The best part is this is a silhouette you can wear to just about anywhere.  They are also that power piece that every woman should own in their wardrobe.  Wear them to the office with a blazer and heels, casually with a tee or crop hoodie and sneakers — the options are endless. If you haven’t snagged a pair, it’s not too late. These H&M ones are sold out, but you can find similar ones here and here (and more affordable here; and one almost identical to mine–also affordable– linked below). 

Faux Fur Statement Jacket

If you follow me on Instagram (if you don’t, whatcha waiting for?! ha ha), you have already seen a feature on this jacket — another statement piece I own.  I bought this beauty from Anthropologie five years ago.  The faux fur sleeves made it a one-of-a-kind piece that I couldn’t pass up.  The cherry on top is that it was like 75 percent off (who doesn’t love a good sale!).  I tucked it away in storage for a few years, and decided to bring out to play this season after seeing fur errywhere.  Note to self (and you): always keep your good stuff because old becomes new again.  Linked below are some statement faux fur jackets that I’ve been coveting and wanted to share with you in case you want to snag one.  (To my Mr: skip reading this next sentence. You’ll be happier in life.) I have been eyeing the pink-ish-lavendar one from Revolve, and may pull the trigger soon.  Anyhow, back to this jacket.  Not only is it freaking hot, but I just loved that my little Evaa (the one that does a good hair flip like she Beyonce) saw me in it and said “oou mommy, I liiike your jacket.”  I was fully expecting a comment like mommy are you wearing a bear or squirrel, but she knew what’s up… she’s my daughter after all.

 Strut the Sheer

This top is also an oldie, purchased last year from Zara.  Fall and winter fashion is all about layering.  So, I often look for pieces that are versatile and can serve as the foundation for many outfits.  This top does that and then some.  Going sheer is the craze right now.  As much as I love it, as a mom of 3, I feel more comfortable with a hint of sheer versus full-on sheer.  This top is sheer in the back, but solid in the front giving it some sexy but not too much.  Purchased it in a nude color, too.  Hey, it’s necessary to stock up on good finds.  

Pictures taken by Laila // Shab Sanie

P.S. if I look awkward in any of these pics, blame the teenage boy inside the apartment building in front of me who was calling out “work it, girl. ooh look at you.  oh yeaa.”  So the change of scenery that you see — that was after I ran away from that awkward situation.  Who else gets shy when people watch them taking pictures?!  

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