Platforms Are Back

The 90s aren’t making a major comeback in today’s fashion, the 90s already made its comeback.  From mom jeans, to velvet everything, to oversized plaid — 90s fashion has made a resurgence and I’m not mad about it one bit.  But what in particular was all the rage in the 90s?  Besides the Spice Girls, of course.  The platform shoe.  Duh.  It dominated the decade, would you agree or would you agree.

I’ve been feeling nostalgic so I pulled out these platform patent booties I purchased years ago — by years ago I mean way after the 90s (if I tried wearing these as an 11 year old in the 90s, my mom would’ve surely knocked me upside the head with them.  She kept me dressed like a first grader until senior year of high school.  If you have an Afghan mom, you can relate.) — and it nicely fits the bill.  It’s so 90s.  Wouldn’t you say?  I’m even liking chunky platform sneakers (if done right).  These PUMA creeper sneakers have been sitting in my shopping bag waiting for me to pull the trigger…

Anyhow, remember when I said old things become new treasures and I have been shopping in my closet lately.  I wasn’t kidding.  Yours truly has been digging through her closet and finding goodies pushed to the back of my shelves.  It’s a fiscally responsible way of doing things, too.  I’m not one to preach on the latter; consider me in-training, but seriously!  How good does it feel to wear an old-new top or dress and it didn’t cost you a thing.  We don’t always have to buy new stuff to look cute!  I pulled out these old platform booties and have been dreaming up outfits for it.  One of which is this #ootd …. that makes me a repeat offender.  How so?  Take a closer look at the dress.

Do you remember this dress?  I wore it in my inaugural post here, on the beach.  Slip dresses are clearly versatile.  I first wore it on a hot day at the beach with my pearly sandals.  Next, I wore them here in 40 degree weather with a long sleeve top underneath, layered with a coat and topping the look off with booties.  I wasn’t sure if I would like this outfit, but once it came together, I thought yasss this works.  Would you agree?

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