Happy day 3 of the New Year!  I know I’m a little late to the party, but we have had a busy few days with the kids.  Anyhow, I hope you had a fabulous NY celebration.  Ours was low key.  Solaiman and I decided to stay in, eat good food, and relax.  So perfect for us.

At this point, you have probably been inundated with posts about New Year’s resolutions.  You know — the posts about how to make 2018 yours, to better yourself, to make vision boards, so on and so forth.  My two cents.  You don’t need a new year to be a new or improved you.  We have the option to reset and reframe at any point during the year.  I always wondered about the go-all-out resolution-setting on December 31.. even though the majority of people admit they almost always break their resolutions by week two of said new year.  So, is it a fad?  Something everyone is doing, so I must too?  All my life I have not participated in setting New Year’s resolutions.  I am more of a short-term goal setter, dreaming up an idea in my head and taking actions toward it.

That said… there is something to be said about tapping into a group consciousness at the end of the year and participating in a collective effort to be a better you in the new year. Call it goals, resolutions, intentions, whatever floats your boat.  Truth is we feed off of each other’s energy, visions and motivations.  In short, we inspire each other.  There is nothing wrong with that.   So, while I still think you can do this any time of year — I have decided that this year, for the first time, I will articulate and write down my goals and intentions for 2018 now.  Some of which I’ll share here; some of which I’ll keep to myself for now.  Here it goes.

Personal Growth

To avoid disappointment, avoid expectations.  Many times I have found myself disappointed as a result of my expectations.  My goal is to train my mind this year to manage my expectations of people and circumstances.  Problems arise when expectations do not materialize and when we have these expectations, we are preventing ourselves from enjoying the experiences standing before us.

Disconnect to reconnect.  This one will admittedly be tough.  I’m almost always on my phone.  In fact, as a society, we are too plugged in.  How often do we joke about—and snap—everyone on their phones at a dinner or event?  I’m not poo-pooing taking #ootd photos, detail décor shots, or capturing other moments.  Even before I was a blogger, I wanted to capture these moments.  Now, even more so.  So, this goal is ironic to hear, huh.  How do I disconnect when I should be more connected than ever in order for my blog to thrive… a conundrum, indeed, but not impossible. I will try to dedicate the first portion of my time—wherever I am—to necessary pictures and snaps, but then kick the phone to the curb and be present.  This is especially important to me around my kids.  Unless I’m snapping their pictures or taking their videos, I want to be there with them in that moment.  I hope as a society, we can move towards a #disconnect2reconnect movement.

Man and wife first.  Over the last 4 years, Solaiman and I have been so focused on my pregnancies, our babies, and giving our children our all that when it came to spending quality time together on a consistent basis, we were too exhausted.  When Essa was born, the twins had just turned 2!  People would ask us how we were doing and we’d tell them we were in survival mode.  That wasn’t a joke; we were.  It wasn’t easy having three small babies– two at the same age– while managing a full time career, house chores, an extended family, friends… i.e. keeping up with life.  Over time we developed a routine that worked for our family, but of course, a routine centered on the babies.  So, finally, when we survived survival mode just this year, we increasingly dedicated more time to us.  This included something as simple as cuddling in front of the TV after the kids’ bed time, going on a regular lunch date—which we mark on a shared calendar, or a romantic staycation (remember that getaway; must do it again!).  I want to dedicate 2018 to strengthening the man-and-wife focus.






My Body

I will continue my fitness journey in 2018.  Because I have never felt better!  With dedication and hard work, you see progress.  And, I have which is motivating.  If you follow me on social media, you have gotten glimpses of me in the gym or at Solidcore – working on my post-partum body.  Yep, my son is 20 months old, and I am still working on my post-partum body.  This friend of yours is just starting to feel herself again.

I have always been lean and athletic, and I bounced back very quickly after gaining 63 lbs in my first pregnancy.  So my post-partum fitness and weight-loss journey this time threw me for a loop.  I knew it would be hard to bounce back after a second pregnancy and baby #3, but I didn’t think it would be this hard… otherwise I would’ve settled on 5 donuts versus 9 on that very-pregnant day.  You have more control over what you put in and do with your body.  So, stop making excuses and do it.  Eat better and live healthier.












Solaiman and I were globe-trotters before entering parenthood (not even counting my travels for work, which has taken me to far-flung and interesting corners of the globe).   After becoming parents, the travel naturally decreased.  While I won’t fool myself into thinking we can become globetrotters again in 2018, I will try to commit to more traveling in 2018.  I have always wanted to travel to Southeast Asia and perhaps this year will be the year to make it happen!  May the travel gods be with us in 2018.


I love blogging. Sharing my experiences and engaging with you gives me a high I can’t explain.  I am excited to see where this blogging thing goes in 2018.  Part of my motivation for writing down my 2018 goals comes from launching Yelda, lately.  I want to strategize, refine my vision, and outline goals.  In short, I am planning to do more, including posting more frequently—fingers crossed.  You have heard this before, but I want to do videos and have been planning content accordingly.  I just need to collect my tools and equipment, so please bear with me.  It takes time to curate quality content and I want to deliver nothing less than quality.  Managing yeldalately.com, my career, being an engaged mom and wifey, a supportive daughter and sister, a good friend etc. requires more time than I sometimes have.  While I “have the same 24 hours in a day as Beyonce” — I don’t have personal staff, cooks, nannies, and the glam squads that Queen Bey has. That said, I don’t like to waste my time and try to maximize my hours.  Wish me luck! If there is something you want to see more of, please let me know in the comments below.  My purpose here is to deliver what you want more of!

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