Loving Lately: Skin to Coat

I want to start by saying mea culpa for not posting sooner!  My sister is visiting from Jakarta, so I’ve been busy with family, and we just got back from a trip to Mexico.  Now let’s get down to business.

New year, fresh start.  I want to share what I’ve been loving lately as part of my “loving lately” blog series launched in Nov (which you can read here).  No surprise that the series is being continued with skincare products.  But, in case you haven’t noticed from my Instagram stories — I’ve been on a coat buying binge so sharing that too.

I’m a self-proclaimed skincare product junkie.  Perhaps it’s the byproduct of age.  I hear turning 30 makes you do crazy things… like seeing fine lines where there aren’t any… #guilty.  Anyhow, you know that make-up no make-up look?  It’s hard to achieve if you do not show your skin some T-L-freaking-C!  If you read this post you know that I’ve recently discovered hyaluronic acid, which remains a part of my daily skincare regimen.  However, I switched from Cosmedica’s hyalauronic acid serum to a formula made by The Abnormal Beauty Company.  Sephora already has over 100 reviews on this product, so take a peek.  And, here is the best part– it’s only 6.80 USD.  Score! I like this formula better because it isn’t sticky.  I just finished my bottle and already have another in my shopping bag.

Everyone and their mama, gram mama, aunt and cousin have likely tried this Kiehl’s creamy eye treatment with avocado.  If not, you must be living under a rock.  I kid.  You should try it.  My eyes soak it up.  It’s so creamy, I almost want to eat it.  (I do love avocados, but fret not, I know better than to eat it in eye cream form.). I’ve been using this for a couple years, and don’t plan on stopping. I especially love it during the dry winter season.

I found this Bobbi Brown Crushed Lip Color in “Ruby” at Blue Mercury after a casual stroll through the store with no intention to buy.  I mean who casually strolls through a beauty store and doesn’t buy? Each time I go for a “stroll” I walk out with a bag full of products… without fail.  But, I digress.  I’ve been in the mood for a brown-red-burgundy lip color and when I came across this one, I went straight to the register.  Here’s the thing though, I feel self-conscious wearing a red or burgundy lip.  Can’t explain it.  I think it doesn’t look good on me, but sometimes a red outfit just screams red lip… so in those moments, I shove my red-lip insecurities aside.  This Bobbi Brown red lip color has some brown in it, which I wanted for fall/winter.  I line and fill in with Mac’s coffee lip liner to give it a more red-brown look.

So, the one and only La Mer.  Let me tell you, I felt fancy buying this ish.  I vividly recall that time when I learned Kim K uses La Mer.  I looked it up and had to pick my jaw off the floor.  That price tag.  I x’ed out of that webpage quick, mumbling “well, I’ll never pay that much for face cream.”  Uh here I am, buying La Mer.  Some of you messaged me on Instagram asking if it is worth the hype?  Yes.  I think so.  The creamy consistency melts into my skin.  I’m loving it so far and will be purchasing it again.  The creme also makes me nostalgic… reminding me of Nivea, which my mom, grandma, aunt, dad, grandpa, other aunt and so on used growing up.  The Nivea trend was global.

What have I been doing on a bimonthly basis this fall/winter?  Purchasing coats.  Wtf has gotten into me.  But, I’m loving my new coats.  Especially the brown Mango faux fur coat.  It is the softest coat I own.  So soft I almost cuddled with Mr. Bear (yes I gave it a name) on my sofa while watching KUWTK (guilty pleasure, don’t judge.  you do it, too.).  It’s sadly sold out.  In fact, it was sold out when I spotted it and I put my name on the waitlist – one night at 3am I was up with one of the kids, and I got an alert that they had my size.  I jumped on that like my life depended on it.  You can relate.  I still have my Topshop teddy which I wear regularly.  It’s long and fluffy, just like any teddy should be.  My other coat love affair is with my H&M red faux fur coat.  It also sold out instantly, but I found it on eBay if you’re interested and a size 4.  I also have a tan puffer coat purchased from HM that I’ve been wearing a lot lately when I’m feeling less luxe, and more cas… that one has not made an appearance on the blog or my Insta yet.  Soon.



























































That it’s for now.  More to come later! For now, toodles.

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