Motherhood.  It’s a loaded word.  It used to not be.  Until I had three babies within three years.  For the record, I would not change a thing.  But, do I get frustrated and overwhelmed sometimes?  Yes.  Perhaps, even more times than sometimes. There are times when things feel perfect, almost.  Kids eat their dinner. No one is crying or fighting.  We think, hey we can even handle a fourth (keep reading).  Until someone spills their dinner all over the floor, or one demands chocolate for dinner, while another is crying hysterically and clinging on to my pants, and the other is in the bathroom probably trying to flood it.

It’s a beautiful chaos, as I like to tell myself.  I would not have it any other way.  Motherhood is part of my life’s purpose.  You will see as I curate this blog, how I manage to bring some order to this beautiful chaos.  And, sometimes there is no order that can be brought… so I call a time-out (including for myself).  And, that’s OK too.